Mata Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking (Group Tour) (Start Rs 4500/-) Per Person

Mata Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking (Group Tour) (Start Rs 4500/-) Per Person


In spite of the way that it was a long outing by road transversely over Jammu and Kashmir ,But we planed our first stopover at KATRA for Vaishnodevi Mata's haven Darshan..... Consequent to accomplishing Jammu Airport from Mumbai ,it was a shocking association with the plane terminal, expected to walk around to the essential road as no private/open transport vehicle is allowed inside the air terminal premise.Our Driver was tending to the guideline road to drive us to our cabin at KATRA..Reached Katra around 2pm in the wake of driving through' NH-1A and than NH-44, which went all over the high mountain.


Not long after pretty much 1hr and 45mins drive from Jammu Airport,we could discover seeing the road that compasses Vaishnodevi temple.Got really scared and wondered,how to walk around to such stature, Earlier on the experience from Jammu, we had the Darshan of Mata's phindi at NAGROTA, were mata appeared as a young woman and stayed there for 5 yrs.... In the wake of accomplishing our Hotel at Katra,we took a stab at Helicopter holding for Darshan at Vaishnodevi.Lucky to get the helicopter booking as all things considered, one have to do booking 5 days before travel....



Next Morning We climbed early and came to Katra Helipad....But the atmosphere turned terrible and we expected to keep sitting tight for the ticket to be issued there;After the weights of individual voyagers are seen ,the copter one flies in ,is decided....We were amazingly invigorated as it was our first helicopter ride too.... We were lined up in 1+5 game plan to board the copter.... Once inside the helicopter, i felt as its a toy..... The point of view was astonishing, as we kept looking outside with heart pounding speedy; It was extremely startling sitting by the window of the copter. It took us precisely 7 mins flight to SANJHACHAT HELIPAD.. Goodness ! what a wonder - kept clicking exquisite snaps of the including.. At the same time,kept wondering,how peopleclimb up the 13km trek - A scarry Wildest dream for me; Now from the Helipad its 3.5Km trek here and there the mountain grades of TRIKUT MOUNTAIN RANGE.....



It was exceptionally thrillingat first with the chilling air....First 1.5km was adequate( avenues were all around kept up however horses,pithus, made our advancement slow.... it was still 2kms to go& we scarcely could discover the sanctum yet.We kept walking around particularly a while,until we expected to make the step route..which was altogether repetitive. It was fundamentally trust in heart that kept us pushing in front.... it started sprinkling as we continued ahead... could see the rainbow in the sky between the mountain ranges... Instantly we could discover the sanctum from top of the road course... It was still long way to deal with accomplish Gate nos. 4( were things to be kept in the lockers provided)..On exhibiting the helicopter tickets ,the keys of the locker were given - we kept our belongings+ shoes and started off barefooted.



Walking barefooted over cold ,watery roadway made ofstone was getting bit tough...We assembled the prasad for puja at the sacred place... Portal - 5 is only for VIP darshan and to - fro passangers of helicopter .Just next to the entryway lies the empty ,were Ma lived;Had 2 freasking... The sinkhole opens just in 'jan month.... resulting to walking another 5 mins,thru' the steps we reachedMata's gap were the Phindis lies....We now gone to the Phindi sthal ............... Our respects,adoration to Ma VAISHNODEVI.....




After darshan, we expected to slide the was really a honest to goodness minute - atlast we could make it to the spot of love - now its trust that Ma fulfills our dreams and objectives. After breakfast at the sacred spot outlet,its our way back.But this time,it wound up being exceptionally serious as its extreme climb& oxygen was totally less... we kept making a not too bad endeavor to go to the helipad by 12noon... Earlier we had a thought to visit Bhairav Shrine also, however gave of the idea instead,seeing the stature and basically close our eyes on seeing the looks of the holy place and continued forward to the Helipad.... We had an uncommon Darshan of Vaishnodevi... On accomplishing our hotel at Katra , it was loosening up time and lessening leg torment and sitting tight for the accompanying day,as we'll be covering 250kms from Katra to Pahalgam over the Jawahar Tunnel.

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